Betting on falling odds on the site of the bookmaker Mostbet

Odds on outcomes in events are subject to constant movements up and down. Bookmakers have to set odds for outcomes in advance, and in connection with various events, such as player injuries, lack of motivation or a bad atmosphere in the team, loads arising from large bet amounts - all this forces bookmakers to make adjustments to their line.

In this article, we will analyze 3 problems

what are falling ratios

on which services to monitor falling odds?
Should I bet on falling odds?
Falling odds are those that, after their initial publication in the bookmaker's line, begin to decline, i.e. fall.

Almost every day, you can find an outcome that has a large drop in the odds.

Falling Odds Tracking Services

Consider two resources that are popular with bettors:

1. On the main page, select the "Bet rate drop" section (1). Select the desired sport (football, basketball or tennis). For the sake of example, we chose football "Bet fall 1x2" (2)

Scatter of colors: strong red - large drop in the coefficient, orange - small drop in the coefficient, green - increase in the coefficient. On the main page of the resource, in the upper right corner, select "falling coefficients"

Otherwise, everything is simple, in the left corner at the beginning of the list, matches with the most falling odds are shown, and a graph of this fall is shown on the right.

Reasons for falling odds

Reasons for falling coefficients can be both objective and non-objective.

Non-objective reasons for the drop in coefficients include:
bet on your favorite team
game of bookmakers on psychology
to the objective
information about injuries
lack of motivation (lost tournament prospects)


Despite the fact that in most cases the drop in odds occurs for quite objective reasons, and this drop in odds is worth paying attention to, however, it is also not uncommon for fans of one of the top clubs to have a large army of fans who will even bet on the victory of their favorite team. despite the fact that the team is not in the best condition or simply lacks motivation. Therefore, initially it is necessary to thoroughly study the real reason for the drop in the coefficient and only then make a decision regarding the bet on this event.