What does a strong-willed victory mean in the 1win bookmaker

The expression "strong-willed victory" implies that the team or player who are inferior during the meeting, having changed the outcome of the meeting, eventually wins up.

What does a strong-willed victory mean and how to make money on it?

A strong-willed victory in betting is a bet on the victory of a player or team that conceded first or lost during the match. Bookmakers 1win-az.net accept bets on the presence or absence of a strong-willed victory in a duel for each team separately.

The list of bets for this event will look like this

In what cases it is worth counting on a strong-willed victory

Favorite bet. If the leader/favorite of the match conceded the ball first, and in your opinion this ball turned out to be random and did not follow from the course of the match, bet on the favorite, since in this case he has much more chances for a final victory than the underdog.

The importance of the fight. In cases where the team won the title in advance, the players simply may not find the necessary motivation to break the meeting. In this case, you should not count on a strong-willed victory.
Statistics. Analyze commands. There are both strong-willed and non-willed players.
Home field factor. Do not forget that according to statistics, strong-willed victories are more often won by teams that play on their own field. The fiery support of native fans continues to drive their team forward and does not give up.
Conclusion. Betting on a strong-willed victory is quite risky, since the team needs not only to win, but to lose and only then win. But the odds for this outcome are quite high, so in some cases, after weighing all the pros and cons, you can bet on a strong-willed victory.